Head Coach

Kevin Pan

Email: Kevinpan@dragonswim.org


Coach Kevin starts his swim career when he was 5, and spend most of his life in the pool or on the deck, his swim knowledge has build up many great swimmers as Yanyuan Wu, Antony Johnson. Kevin's swim philosophy is built through ancient Chinese Zen Spirit. He believes swim skill is like a circle, from inside of the body to physical action, finally reaches the spirit, which could control the body by natural move! Every swimmer could improve themselves to reach a higher level by this same rule through different ways.

Coach Kevin's "Breathe before swim, Kick before Strokes" theory is focused on the fundamental skills in learning, which could help beginner swimmers learn how to train for the future! His "Training Harder, Swim Easier" theory always helps national level swimmers to view swim from different perspective.



Swim Experience

Former Chinese International, 1992 Barcelona Olympian,

China National Champion, 1991.

ASCA LEVEL 5 Coach,Lifetime member.

Founder of the Aquatic Beyond Club, 2007, the only American Chinese Swim Club in USA, now has 5 locations around DMV area, over 200 swimmers.

Founder of the Dragon Swim Team, which focus on top level quality swimmers, who are interested in reach national levels,

Founder of the “Breathe before you start to move” swim theory, which solved one of the most difficult topics in swim research.
Honorable Donor of the London and Beijing USA National Olympic Team.